Well I'm back! As many of you are aware (all 2 readers of this blog - hi mum!), I recently got married! In Hawaii of all places. So I thought it'd be a fun idea to kind of blog about some of the things we did to try and make our day a bit more fun and interesting than the aver
That's right! Me! Or, if you're wondering who 'me' is: Irwin Wong, the creator of Tokyo Wedding Photography, just recently got married. To his wife! Just in case anyone was confused. This photo below is by New York-based photographer Ryan McCune - the two of us go back a
Here's the video from the wedding we shot recently with Mizuki and Thomas! You can see the blog post with the photos here. As always, big thanks to my awesome team, especially my videographer Keiichi Kondo who shot and put this video together.
Several months ago Thomas and Mizuki hired us to cover their wedding, which we were more than happy to do. Visual highlights were the excellent care taken in the Paris-themed reception decorations (check them out down below), and the London style cab that brought the newlyweds ba
Earlier this year, American-based bridal company Simply Bridal was kind enough to lend us an awesome dress for us to play around with. We shot a video using the dress here, but figured it would be a waste if we sent it back without doing some actual photos with it. Therefore,